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Frequently Asked Questions
Can teens use the fitness center?

Yes. You must be 13+ to work out in Fitness center areas. Teens, 13 – 17 years-old, must take a Fitness Orientation before handling any equipment. Anyone under 13 must see the Fitness Manager.

If I’m a JFit member at the Bernard Horwich JCC, can I use the Lustbader Center?

There is reciprocity between Bernard Horwich JCC in Rogers Park and the Marvin Lustbader Health Club in Northbrook.  Marvin Lustbader Health Club members can use the fitness/pool facility at Bernard Horwich free of charge. Current JFit members at Bernard Horwich can use the Marvin Lustbader Health Club at 50% off of the day pass rate.

Does the Marvin Lustbader Health Club have corporate rates or company discounts?

Yes. The Marvin Lustbader Health Club offers discounted rates to corporate offices and to employees of Jewish organizations.

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